Church of Saint Anthony in Alberobello

On top of a hill in the Rione Monti area, the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua was built in 1926. Naturally, such a large building was built using mortar, but it followed all the traditions and canons of typical Trullo Alberobello.

The Church of St. Anthony was built by the efforts of the priest Antonio Lippolis, who lived in the first half of the 20th century. He wanted to build a Catholic Church near the Monti area, as Protestantism was gaining influence there. The priest wanted the poor people who lived in Trullo to be able to go to a Church that would be similar to their homes. We should admit that the architects managed to achieve their goal.

The main dome of the Church of St. Anthony has a height of 18 meters. The bell tower of the Church is located on the right and is built in the Romanesque style in the form of a tower. The bell tower of the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari looks like this. The interior of the Church is very modest, like most churches in Apulia. In the altar part of the Church, you can see a fresco by the famous artist from Apulia, Adolfo Rollo.