Church of Saint Jost in Cesky Krumlov

The Church of Saint Jost was built in 1330 near the bridge over the Vltava river, on the main street of Latran. It is located at the foot of the Gothic tower of Krumlov castle. These buildings make the landscape of the city very picturesque.

On the order of Peter Rosenberg, the Church was built near the entrance to the Outer Courtyard of the castle (Vybeg), as a chapel at the princely hospital, which was located in this courtyard. Initially, the Church had a Gothic appearance, but in 1597 it was rebuilt in the Baroque style by the architect Dominic Cometta. At this time a beautiful tower appeared above the Church.

During the Reformation, the Church passed from the Catholic Church to the Protestants, and was consecrated as the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Habsburgs gave it back to the Catholics. As a result, the city authorities took this building from the Church and made it a residential building.

Then the Church changed its owners many times. Now the Church of St. Yost houses a Museum of Marionettes, as well as a shop and restaurant. The Marionette Museum is located under the roof. Dolls are hung from the rafters.