St. Vitus Cathedral rises above the historical center of Cesky Krumlov and is clearly visible from the Krumlov castle, which is also built on the mountain. The Cathedral was founded in 1340. A century later, after the end of the Hussite wars, it was consecrated.

The Cathedral was built in the Gothic style, but it got its present appearance with Baroque elements during the last reconstruction of the 19th century. The Central nave of the Cathedral is very high. On the sides of the Central nave are side chapels of saints. The columns of the Cathedral are very light, which allows you to see the altar from almost all places of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral has frescoes from the 18th century. The main altar is decorated with medieval paintings, icons and wood carvings. There are also two preserved organs in the Cathedral of Saint Vitus. Above the entrance is an old organ from the 18th century, and at the very beginning of the 20th century, another large organ with marble panels was installed in the Cathedral.

There are two chapels near the entrance to the Cathedral. One is dedicated to the Czech Saint Jan Nepomuk, and the other is the chapel of the Resurrection. In the chapel of Jan Nepomuk, you can see marble funeral tablets of the Rosenberg family, as well as the crypt of the Schwarzenberg family. Krumlov priests were buried in the chapel of the Resurrection.