The main street of the city is Latrane. It has preserved many historical buildings of the 17th and 18th centuries. Latran starts near Lazebnitsky bridge, and ends at Budejovicka gate. Nowadays of 9 city gates preserved only Budejovicka gate, built in the 18th century.

The Radnicni (Town Hall) street goes from Lazebnitsky bridge to the other side of city to the Concord square. These two streets are the main routes for interesting walks for sightseeing the medieval architecture of the city.

Lazebnitsky bridge is also called Bath bridge. It is decorated with sculptures of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. On the site of houses near the bridge used to pass the city walls. Nearby is a very beautiful Church of St. Yoshta. Then Latran goes around the Outer Courtyard of Krumlov castle. On the right side there are the buildings of the Minorite Monastery.

On this part of Latran street are located the most beautiful buildings. The facades of some of them are decorated with sgraffito technology. This is a painting technique that creates the effect of volume. Some houses show drawings of a five-petalled rose. It was the coat of arms of the Vyatkovichs, who founded the Cesky Krumlov.

In the historic center of the street Latrán and the Radnicni (Town Hall) street are completely pedestrian. In some places, they run along the slopes of hills. On these streets, as well as on the Concord square, there are located most restaurants where you can taste Czech cuisine.