Cyprus attractions

The island of Cyprus is located in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. It is one of the famous travel destination for European tourists. Many beaches in the area of Ayia Napa (Agia Napa), Protaras and other areas of Cyprus have blue flags. It has perfectly clear water and white sand. There are also many historical attractions in Cyprus. 

The main international airport is located in the city of Larnaca. Here is the main Christian Shrine of the island – the Church of St. Lazarus. The second smaller airport is located in the West of the island, in the city of Paphos. The capital of Cyprus is the city of Nicosia. 

Cyprus has volcanic origin, so most of the coast is unsuitable for swimming. If you want to rent an apartment and it looks on the map that it is located on the very beach, it does not mean that you can swim there. You have to look for beach areas with sand. 

Beach resorts in Cyprus 

In the Eastern part of the island, near the cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras, there is a main beach recreation area. It starts near the village of Agias Teclas (15 km west of Ayia Napa) and stretches to the Eastern suburbs of Ayia Napa. Loka Loka street is a palace, where are located many nightclubs. They made Ayia Napa one of the centers of youth vacations in Europe. 

The most famous beaches in the Ayia Napa area are Nissi, Makronisos, the large city beach of Pantachu, Vatia Gonia, Landa and several smaller beaches. The symbol of these places is the Bridge of Lovers on the rocky shore, East of the center of Ayia Napa. 
Near Cape Greco, on the south-eastern tip of the island, there is a wonderful National Park Kavo Greco. If you have a car, then a trip to its attractions will be a great pleasure. You will be able to see Konnos Beach, Sea caves, the Bridge of Lovers (other than the one in Ayia Napa). There is a small mountain near Cape Greco. At its top, there is an observation deck where people come to watch the sunset. 

There are also beautiful blue flag beaches in the Protaras area. Perhaps this is the main place in Cyprus where the atmosphere of a beach resort is felt to the greatest extent. There are not only beautiful beaches, but also many restaurants. 

Holidays in Paphos 

On the west coast of Cyprus, there are no beaches of the same level as in Ayia Napa or Protaras. If a beach holiday is a priority for you, then you should be prepared for it. However, if you want to combine a beach holiday with interesting excursions to historical and natural attractions, then Paphos is perfect. 

There are many historical sites in Paphos itself. The main one is the old town of Kato Paphos with its ancient houses and catacombs of the first Christians. It is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. No less impressive are the Royal Tombs in Paphos. 

In the outside of Paphos there are beautiful beaches, such as coral Bay in the North and several small beaches, including in the city. To the South of Paphos is one of the most famous sights of Cyprus-the rocks of Petra Tou Romiou, where, according to legend, the goddess of beauty Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. 

In the North of the island there are natural attractions: Akamas National Park (there is a grotto of Aphrodite), Avanos gorge, Lara Beach. A very interesting excursion, wherever you stay in Cyprus, will be a trip to the National park Troodos mountains. Here you can see mount Olympus, the pine forest, Kykkos monastery and the tomb of Makarios. 

Holiday in Northern Cyprus 

We should also mention Northern Cyprus. In 1974, there was a conflict between Turks and Greeks who had previously lived together on the island. As a result, the island was divided into southern Cyprus, where the Greek population remained, and Northern Cyprus, where all the Turkish Cypriots moved. Northern Cyprus is a territory that no one in the world has recognized except Turkey. 

Today, the possibility of crossing the border between southern and northern Cyprus has been restored. The crossings are located in the cities of Nicosia and Famagusta. For tourists, there are no restrictions on trips to Northern Cyprus, including by rented car. 

Northern Cyprus is most convenient to visit with a 1-2 day tour. There are two beautiful castles in the area of Kyrenia (Saint Hilarion Castle in the mountains and Kyrenia castle in the port). Famagusta has very interesting sights from the period of Venetian rule (fortress walls and Gothic temples). There are also ruins of the ancient Salamis near Famagusta.

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The boat tour along the shores of Cavo Greco Park is popular with tourists in Ayia NAPA and Protaras
View of mount Olympus from the path leading to the Tomb of Makarios III
The Bridge of Lovers in Ayia Napa - one of the symbols of Cyprus, is an arch on a rocky shore
Marble Forum - the main attraction of the ancient city of Salamis
Bridge of Love in the Park of Kape Greco, also called crow Arch (Kamara tou koraka) and the Bridge Sinners
Sea cave with a natural pillar supporting the vault in the Park of Kavo Greco
Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca was built in 890 and is a revered Christian Shrine
The rock of Petra Tou Romiou is the place where the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born in the sea foam and came to the Cypriot coast
Kings Tombs (4th century BC) - one of the most interesting historical sights of Paphos
Mosaic The Triumph of Dionysus in the House of Aion in the Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos
Sin Nightclub on Louka Louka Street in Ayia Napa
The Kraken Cave near the Bridge of Lovers in Ayia Napa
Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa is recognized as one of the best in Cyprus
Azure water and white sand on Makronissos beach, which is considered one of the best in Cyprus
The powerful bastions of the Kyrenian castle were built by the Crusaders in the 12th century, and then fortified by the Venetians in the 16th century
The most beautiful castle in Cyprus, the Castle of St. Hilarion, is located in the mountains above the town of Kyrenia
The Cathedral, where the Kykkos icon of the Virgin Mary is kept, was built in 1541
Chapel over the Tomb of Makarios III at the top of mount Throni in Troodos
Cedar groves on mountain trails near the village of Troodos
Many excursion ships come to Konnos Bay, where people bathe in the azure sea water
Konnos beach in Kavo Greco Park is one of the best in all of Cyprus
The Gothic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Famagusta was built between 1298 and 1312
Mosaic floors of the Bishop`s Palace (6th century) and the Church of Chrisopolitissa (16th century) in Paphos
Roman Theater (1st century AD) in the ancient city of Salamis
The city beach of Ayia Napa consists of three parts: Pantachou, Maistrali and Glyki Nero. Their total length is about a kilometer
The Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa has abstract sculptures and sculptures on the theme of ancient Greek myths
The embankment that stretches for 3 kilometers along the coast in the center of Protaras
The Kamares aqueduct was built in Larnaca in 1746 by the Turkish Pasha Abu Bekir
The small castle of Larnaca was built by the Turks in the 17th century on the site of a more powerful Crusader castle