Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa

Perhaps, everyone has some associations with the word «Deribasovskaya». Everyone has heard something about this legendary street of Odessa, and having got in the city want to visit it. It is always pleasant either to stroll on it or sit at one of its open-air cafés.

Deribasovskaya Street is within easy walking distance of the port. Originally, the street was named Gimnazicheskaya, after the commercial gymnasium of Volsey, founded by the first chief of city administration Duke Richelieu, but later the main street was renamed Deribasovskaya, after the other outstanding chief of city administration Joseph de Ribas, who made a great contribution to the development of the city building plan and shaping of the present appearance of Odessa.

Deribasovskaya Street is long enough, but only the area stretching from Odessa Opera Theatre to the City Park may be interesting for tourists. This area is closed for motor traffic, and on both sides of the street is a great number of cafés and restaurants.

Actually, the City Park is a part of the Deribasovskaya Street, as the fountains, sculptures of lions, monuments to Leonid Utesov and the Twelfth Chair come close to the pavement of the street.

If you go along the Deribasovskaya Street toward the sea, you may come to the square where the Archaeological Museum and the Town Council are located. It is there that the Primorsky Boulevard begins stretching along the elevated shoreline of Odessa.