Seaside Boulevard in Odessa

Seaside Boulevard is one of the pleasantest promenades in Odessa. It runs along the high bank over the port of Odessa. Beginning at the Archaeological Museum, it stretches for several kilometers towards the Vorontsovsky palace.

In the middle of the Seaside Boulevard is the Potemkin Stairs, by which you may go down to the port of Odessa. And at the head of the Potemkin Stairs, in the middle of the Seaside Boulevard, is the statue of Duc de Richelieu, a descendant of the cardinal Richelieu, the founder of the city and its first mayor.

If you go left from the statue of Duc de Richelieu, then strolling on the wide alleys of the Seaside Boulevard you may reach the building of Odessa City Hall, with the monument to a great Russian writer A. Pushkin in front of it. There is also located the Archaeological Museum, where is kept one of the most interesting collections in the Ukraine, and a bit further on may be seen the most beautiful building of the Odessa Opera Theatre.

If you go right from the Duc, you will reach the Vorontsovsky palace and the Colonnade located on the high bank. From the Colonnade you can have a magnificent view on the Odessa port. The Vorontsovsky palace is a very interesting architectural monument of Odessa, but now it houses not a museum but the House of Children´s Creative Work.