Vorontsovsky palace in Odessa photo

Vorontsovsky palace is one of the most beautiful prince`s residences in the Ukraine. It is in the topmost place of the bank over the Odessa port, on the site of the Turkish fortress Hacibey.

It will be the easiest to go to the Vorontsovsky palace on the Primorsky Boulevard from the Potemkin Stairs. The alleys of the boulevard give on the open area from where you can have a magnificent view on the port and the Old Town of Odessa.

The Vorontsovsky palace was laid down in 1826, as a residence of the governor- general of the Novorossiya Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov. The main works were finished by 1834. There was built the beautiful main building in the Empire style and the colonnade amid the gardens on the high shore of the sea.

The Vorontsovsky palace was more than once destroyed. For the first time it was destroyed during the Crimean War in 1853. And then the Vorontsovsky palace was ruined in 1943 during World War II. After the war the palace was reconstructed but without its historic interiors. Now the Vorontsovsky palace is occupied by the House of Children´s Creative Work and you can not visit it as a museum.

From the Vorontsovsky palace you should go to the Teshchin bridge and over it to the Old Town of Odessa. There on the Vorontsovskaya Street you can see the old yards. They have retained in full the spirit of the old Odessa. On the opposite end of the Teshchin bridge is the Shah´s palace.