As the Church of the Sign of the Holy Virgin, the original Golitsyn Palace at the Dubrovitsy estate was built in the style of baroque. However, in 19 century its new owner Matvey Mamonov had it rebuilt in the classic style. 

Unfortunately, the palace was not turned into a museum so there remained almost nothing of its original decorations. You can see some beautiful decorations only in the Armorial Hall. All its walls are covered by frescoes depicting rows of porches with a vista. In the foreground are two coats of arms. Sometime a luxurious stair with branching off flights led to the hall. 

Stone lions remained at the southern entrance of the house. And in the center of the northern side overlooking the Desna river is an open rotunda with ten columns. A stone stair led from the rotunda down to the river. You can still see the fragments of the stair. 

Presently, the Podolsk district civil registry office, the animal breeding research institute and the Council of Veterans of Podolsk district are located in the palace.