The Lime park in Dubrovitsy estate can be divided into two parts: the upper Lime park near the palace and the Pevcheskoye (singing) field at the place where the Pakhra river joins the Desna river.  

The Lime park is to the west from the palace. There you can stroll in the alleys flanked by centuries-old lime trees. According to a legend, some of the trees were planted by Tsar Peter I himself. The main alley runs from the palace through the whole park. In 19 century a white-stone bridge was thrown across the alley. But now there remained nothing of it with the exception of banks for bridge pillars. 

A road leads from the eastern gates of the Church of the Sign of the Holy Virgin to the Pevcheskoye (singing) field. It runs by the mound with an observation point. You must ascend the mound to have a beautiful view on the church and the palace, as well as the field at the confluence of the rivers. The mound was built in the time of Boris Golitsyn, the first owner of the estate, and had a decorative function. 

Pevcheskoye (singing) field is at the foot of the hill with the church and the palace. The field is surrounded by the alleys running along the rivers Pakhra and Desna. On it is a stone with the verses of Marina Tsvetayeva. The Tsvetayeva`s fires have been annually held at the Pevcheskoye (singing) field since 2007 attracting the lovers of her poetry.