Governor Garden in Baku

Governor Garden, which is the oldest and most beautiful park in Baku, is near the small east wall of the old town (Icheri Sheher) between the east city gate and Azneft Square.

The garden appeared here several centuries ago, as the Shirvanshakh Palace was closest to just this gate. As the Old Town was very compactly built up, it was impossible to plant a garden within the city walls, so a garden for governors` promenades was created just in this place.

Now the Governor`s Garden is just magnificent. It is pleasant to have a walk in it at daytime, and it is beautifully illuminated at night. In the center of the Governor`s Garden, on an eminence, there`s located the City Philharmonic Building, and a complex of fountains descends to the garden itself. The walking paths are bordered with exotic plants and paved with picture stones in the style of Gobustan excavations.

Along the whole length of the Governor`s Garden it comes close to the external city wall, which make it even more beautiful. Near the Four Season Hotel you can see old clock, which has long been a date place.