Shirvanshah Palace in Baku

Minarets and impressive buildings of the Shirvanshah Palace are in the heart of old town (Icheri Sheher) and you should visit this place. You can approach it from the Maiden Tower by way of narrow streets of the Old Town of Baku, which let you feel the atmosphere of a medieval town. The palace properly is in the immediate vicinity of the East Gate, through which you can go out of the palace to the oldest garden of Baku called the Governor Garden.

The Palace of Shirvanshahs was erected in Baku in 15 century, when the capital of the State of Shirvanshahs was moved there from Shemaha, which was 120 km to the east, in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. Closeness of Baku to the sea quickened the development of the state.

Shirvanshah`s Palace complex consists of the main building of the palace, now occupied by the Old Town Museum, and the Dervish Mausoleum dating back to 15 century. The burial complex of the Shirvanshah Palace was built at the lower level in 1445.