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House-museum of Velimir Khlebnikov in Astrakhan

The museum of Velimir Khlebnikov occupies several ground floor rooms of a house in Sverdlov street. The flat once belonged to his parents. Khlebnikov was born in Astrakhan in 1885. Already in the age of 25 he was a poet, a well-known figure of the Russian avant-garde and one of the founders of futurism.

The parents of Khlebnikov were very well-to-do people. His father was the founder and the first director of the Astrakhan Nature Reserve. In 1908 Khlebnikov moved to Petersburg where he became a student of the Physics and Mathematics faculty of Petersburg University. However, he became close friends with symbolists and was more interested in poetic evening parties.

At the museum you can get acquainted with the literary work of Khlebnikov, see his family photos and works. The most interesting rooms are those of Vera Khlebnikova and Velimir Khlebnikov.