The Merchant Tetyushinov House, the most beautiful example of 19-century wooden architecture in Astrakhan, is in Communist Street. Today it is a museum and cultural center.

Grigory Vasilyevich Tetyushinov was one of the richest merchants in Astrakhan. He started his business buying a private towing steamboat, which brought him a good profit. Then he began to design and construct steamboats at his shipyard. He also devoted a lot of time and money to charity.

In 1872 he wanted to build a two-floor wooden summer house with a beautiful outside decor. With a glance to a hot local climate, large wooden galleries were added to the house. The house is richly decorated by carved pilasters and columns, as well as ornamental window cases.

In 1894 the house was inherited by his sister and her heirs gave it to the city in 1930. The house was divided into communal flats where people lived up to 1993 when it was finally admitted that the house was a failing building.

Considering that in Astrakhan there remained no wooden houses with such beautiful decor, the Merchant Tetyushinov House was included in the lists of historical and cultural heritage. In 2010 a museum was opened in the house where you can see the interiors of a 19-century merchant house.