The beautiful well-planned Volga river embankment stretches for 1.5 km from the mouth of the Kutum river to the Peter I Park. On the embankment there are always many fishermen, people are strolling and sitting in cafes there, and generally, the embankment is always very bustling, especially in the evening.

You can begin your tour of the embankment anywhere, but you`d better begin it from the Peter I Park. Having seen the sights of the Kremlin you should stroll among the fountains and alleys of the Lenin Square, stretching along the southern side of the Kremlin wall. Then you should go to the Swan Lake and have a look at the strongest Crimean Tower. And after that you may go to the Peter I Park on the Volga embankment.

The Volga looks rather wide opposite the park. A monument of Peter I is in the center of the park. The monument was installed there after the emperor issued the decree about the creation of Astrakhan province. As a whole, Peter I is highly honored in Astrakhan as it is under this emperor that the city became a center of trade between Russia and eastern countries, which contributed to its fast development.

There are a lot sculptures and fountains on the Volga river embankment. The beautiful fountain «Wedding Waltz» is near the Marriage Registration Hall. The main embankment fountain became a color and musical one in the evening. There are many cafes near it and after midday heat recedes many people come there.

You can have a boat ride on the Volga to see Astrakhan from the water. Pleasure boats depart from the landing #17. The pleasure boats are especially crowded in the evening. Large cruise liners also make a stop at the landing. For them Astrakhan is a terminal point of a two-week Volga cruise starting in Moscow. During the cruise tourists visit many beautiful Russian cities: Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd and some other cities.