Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations for all those who are in for high-quality beach holidays and service. Typically, they go there to spend all their holidays within «all inclusive» hotel`s premises, or on closed beaches.

Unlike Sharm el-Sheikh, which was built in desert and is now but a strip of beach hotels, Hurghada has a kind of historical center and fairly densely populated city districts. However, they have the same tourist infrastructure – two hundred hotels of different levels located along the first and second beach lines.

The sea is calm in Hurghada for most time of the year. It makes it possible to have comfortable beach holidays. There are only sand beaches. There also are enough deck-chairs. And there are no corals on the coast, as in Sharm el-Sheikh. It is very important for tourists with children. The bank is gently sloping. In short, everything is very comfortable and relaxing.

When choosing an hotel you should inquire about its beach. Some hotels have but small beaches and they would by a bit cramped, but it is unlikely to spoil your recreation. There are also 5-Star hotel in Hurghada, which don’t have their own beaches, but their excellent service, animation, entertainment programs and meals quite compensate for this inconvenience. Besides, they are often integrated with first-line hotels and so have adequate beach infrastructure.

If you want inexpensive holidays, then you can find many cheap 3-Star hotels in Hurghada. Hurghada has an excellent entertainment infrastructure. There are a lot of various dance clubs (generally, they are located within hotels) and restaurants in different districts. You always have something to do.

Considering that Hurghada is located on the continental shore of the Red Sea, tourist can make guided bus tours to Luxor. Perhaps, it is the most popular local tour. You can go there for one or two days, but if you don’t like excursions, you can also go there independently. Moreover, most tourists are dissatisfied with guided tours, as they had to visit more shops than historical sites.

In Hurghada they offer bus tours to Cairo, but the journey would be even more tiring than when you go there from Sharm el-Sheikh. You`d better go there by air, and that not with guided tour but alone, having bought tickets at the web-site of Egyptair. Only most tireless sightseers can be offered tours to Jerusalem. It provides for a flight to Sharm el-Sheikh and then a bus journey to Jerusalem. It is very tiring, especially if you take into account quite unpredictable border crossing.

Apart from Luxor and Cairo, you can look around the environs of Hurghada. El-Gouna is a kind of «Egyptian Venice». There are hotels and Eastern-style villas on the islands connected by a network of canals. All this looks quite special. The other Hurghada-based excursions include various safari tours and trips to coral reefs.