Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem

The Old Town of Jerusalem is divided in 4 quarters: Arab, Christian, Armenian and Jewish. Jewish Quarter is in the southern section of the Old Town near Mount Zion. There have always lived the most well-to-do people, and the quarter was called the Upper Town.

However, Jews lived there for several centuries. After the war of 1949 Arabs got control almost over the entire Jerusalem. Significant part of the buildings of the Jewish Quarter was ruined, but as a result of the six day war of 1967, where Israel won a convincing victory, Jews regained the control of Jerusalem. All buildings of the Jewish Quarter were restored, and now they look much more beautiful than the buildings of the other quarters.

The main sights of the Jewish Quarter are: the Western Wall, Сardo Street, archaeological sites of the Old Town. Beside the archaeological site of Kardo Street one can see a huge arch of the Hurva Synagogue. As the other buildings of the Quarter, it was ruined by the Arab and now the arch is the symbol of the ruined Jewish Quarter.