Kidron Valley in Jerusalem

Kidron Valley is considered to be one of the most mystic places of Jerusalem. According to the eschatological doctrines of the Christians, the Jews and the Muslim, during the Second Coming of Christ it is just there that the Last Judgment will take place, where the God will judge all people.

According to the Christian tradition, during the Second Coming of Christ the dead will resurrect and come to the place of the Last Judgment where Jesus will judge them and the righteous will go to the millennium and the sinners – to the hell.

That’s for this reason there are necropolises on all nearby slopes of the valley. It is believed that those who are buried in the immediate vicinity of the place of the Last Judgment will be the first to resurrect and approach Christ.

The Valley of Kidron is between the Temple and Olive Mounts. Most part of all sacred places and attractions of Jerusalem are either near or in the valley: Temple Mount, the Church of the Sepulcher of Saint Mary or the Tomb of Virgin Mary, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations, the Church of Mary Magdalene and the others. In ancient times the stream Kidron (translated as «dark», «murky»), flowed down the valley hence its name.