Jordan is a small country, but it has such a great number of curious spots that everyone could find something to his/her taste. Most well-known Biblical sites are just on the territory of today`s Jordan, such as Mount Nebo, from which the Moses has first seen the Land of Promise, Vifania, where the Christ has been first baptized on the bank of Jordan River, Sodom and Gomorrah and the Lot`s Cave, where he took refuge with his daughters.

Later, there have been created even more amazing human masterpieces, and Petra is the most impressive of them. And indeed, this stone town is highly rated by almost all tourist guides. You should spare at least a day to visit this wonderful historical site, and this day could be an unforgettable experience.

You should also go to Jerash. Actually, construction of the city was begun as far as in Hellenistic period. Large-scale excavations have been carried out on the territory of the city in the course of which there have been found ancient temples and theatres, hippodrome, lanes, forums, baths, that is, everything aspect of luxurious life of 2 thousand years ago.

As to natural sites of the country, you can go to the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and Wadi Al Mujib. However, it would be better to start your visit to Jordan just from the Dead Sea. There is a resort Suweyma on the coast of the Dead Sea, but it has only 4 costly hotels. Though, you`d need just expensive hotel for such vacations. So, you`ll have to do some planning and spend a pretty sum of money. Bathing in the Dead Sea is a wonderful experience. And you are sure to have it. Wadi Al Mujib isn’t very far from the Dead Sea, but special training is required for a trip to this curious canyon.

Wadi Rum is south of Petra. In opinion of the Jordanian, it is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. And probably, they are quite right. The entire desert is the territory of national park. The dunes of the desert are of peculiar red colour, just as that of Mars. And at sunset they get deep red.

Around the Dead Sea there are a lot of curious spots which are worth visiting by car. Moreover, driving is quite safe in Jordan. So, you should visit Al-Kerak and its famous crusade castle, Main hot springs, Mount Nebo, and Madaba, the only town where there still preserved the technology of mosaic pictures.

Also, you can spare some time to visit the capital of Jordan, Amman. Though there survived a big theatre and ruins of some castle atop the rock, it isn’t actually a tourist city.