The Kulikovo Battle Field is a place where the combined forces of Russian princedoms led by Moscow prince Dmitry Donskoi barred the way to the Russian lands for the host of the khan Mamay on September, 1380. On September 8, 1380 the Battle of Kulikovo occurred there, which ended in the complete defeat of the troops of Mamay.

In the second half of 14 century several khans were changed on the throne of the Golden Horde. And as a result, the throne was seized by the temnik (emir or a commander of 10 000 warriors) Mamay who had no rights to the throne. A domestic strife began and using the situation the Russian princes refused to pay tribute to the Golden Horde. To restore his power Mamay decided to invade Russia in 1380.

The assembly of Russian troops in Kolomna was scheduled for August 5, 1380. Mamay received support from Genoa, which sent a unit of Genoese spearmen. The Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila was also on his side and moved his troops in Russia where they had to join the troops of the Ryazan prince Oleg. 

Ryazan always was in a difficult position, as it was the first to be ravaged in any war. So Mamay forced the Ryazan prince Oleg to join the troops of Jogaila. He complied but didn’t reported at the fixed time to join the troops of Jogaila and the latter decided not to take part in the Battle of Kulikovo.

The brothers of Jogaila, Dmitry and Andrei, sides with Dmitry Donskoy, so the forces were relatively equal. About 60 thousand Russians and about 70-90 thousand Tatar-Mongols took part in the battle.

Today there are several memorial places related to the events of 1380 on the Kulikovo Battle Field: Monastyrschino, the Red Hill, a museum on the Kulikovo Field and Yepifan. The Russian host stopped in the village Yepifan, which was then a fortress on the fortified line, just before the battle. On September 7 it crossed the Don river near the village Monastyrschino and took up its positions on the Kulikovo Field. In the Zelenaya Dubrava (Green Grove) between the Don and Smolka rivers a regiment commanded by the seasoned voivode, prince Dmitry Bobrok lied in ambush.

The battle opened with a single combat between the monk Alexander Peresvet and Chelubey. It was followed by the battle between the Sentry regiment and the Tatar vanguard. In the course of the main battle the host of Mamay was able to significantly push back the Right Hand regiment while the Lithuanian troops held the field with their last strength. At that moment the Ambush regiment attacked the Tatars from the rear. That turned the scale of the battle. The Tatars began to fall back and when the Russians made their way to the headquarters of the khan Mamay on the Red Hill, the retreat turned into a flight. It is on the Red Hill that the victory banner was hoisted. Today here is located the monument in honor of Dmitry Donskoy.

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The obelisk on the Red hill in honor of the victory at Kulikovo field is the oldest military monument in Russia
The monument to Dmitry Donskoy and the Church of Intercession of Virgin Mary in Monastyrshchino
Monument to St. Sergius of Radonezh and Dmitry Donskoy on the Red hill
The Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh on the Red Hill was built in 1917
The new Museum complex is located in the middle of Kulikovo field
The view from the viewpoint on the roof of Museum to the place where Kulikovo battle had place
Green Dubrava on the Kulikovo field, where Ambush regiment was hidden
Entrance to the Museum of Kulikovo field
The main hall of the Museum of the Kulikovo battle on Kulikovo field
Diorama the place where Russian troops gathered before the battle of Kulikovo in the Museum on Kulikovo field
Model of the disposition of Russian and Horde troops during the battle of Kulikovo, in the Museum on Kulikovo field
Alley with monuments of cities, whose troops participated in the battle of Kulikovo
Bend in the river Nepryadva near its confluence with the Don river near Monastyrshchino
The Church of the Intercession was built on the place where in 1380, were buried the fallen warriors
The exposition of the Host of Earth and Heaven at the Museum of the Kulikovo battle in Monastyrshchino
Map of the battle of Borodino on the Red hill with the location of Russian and Tatar troops
St. Nicholas Cathedral in the centre of Epiphan
The Museum shop of the merchant Baybakov in the Epiphany - part of the Museum complex Kulikovo field
The house of the merchant Baybakov next to his shop in Epiphany - part of Museum Kulikovo Field