In the center of Pyatigorsk is the completely preserved «Lermontov House» where he spent the last two months of his life. You must also visit the Verzilins` House where poet Lermontov came every day and where his quarrel with Martynov happened.

Two quarters to the north from the Tsvetnik are the old buildings of Pyatigorsk dating back to the beginning of the 19 century. It is there that a small white house with thatched roof is located. On the way to the Tenginsky Regiment Lermontov and his friend Stolypin decided to stay for some time in Pyatigorsk and rented this house.

Lermontov`s Museum occupies a small quarter of Pyatigorsk where were preserved all original buildings of the beginning of the 19 century. It comprises 4 buildings: The Lermontov`s House, which was rented by Lermontov and Stolypin, the Verzilins` House, where all friends of Lermontov gathered and where he was challenged by Martynov. You must visit these two houses.

The Lermontov`s Museum also includes two more houses: those of the composer Alexander Alyabyev and I. V. Usmanov. Lermontov frequently visited both houses. There are also expositions devoted to Lermontov and his time in these houses.