The Pirogov baths, the most popular medical center, is on Gagarin Avenue, between the lower cableway station and the Proval, in the so-called Proval district, which became the most fashionable district of Pyatigorsk by the beginning of the 20 century.

It was built in 1914. Originally, the Pirogov baths was called Tilicheyev, in honor of S. V. Tilicheyev, the then director of the Caucasus Mineral Waters. Later, it was called the Proval baths, and in 1960, by the hundredth birth anniversary of the surgeon N. I. Pirogov, it was given its today name.

Today there are 22 baths at the Pirogov baths where one can take sulfur baths. Sulfur water is taken from Narodny and Varvatsievsky wells on the slope of Mount Mashuk.