Mashuk is the main sight of Pyatigorsk. Actually, it was thanks to this mountain, or rather its mineral water springs, that the city was founded, which became one of the main resorts of Russia.

The height of Mashuk is 993 meters. You can ascend to the top of the mountain by cableway, which is the easiest way. The lower cableway station is on Gagarin Avenue. But you can also do it on foot. 

The length of the uphill route is about 4 km. There are four observation decks facing all cardinal directions at the top of Mashuk. Pyatigorsk is on the east side of the mountain. In good weather you can even see the snow-covered Elbrus from that side of the mountain. From the other sides of Mashuk you can see the mountains Beshtau, Zheleznaya, Lysaya and several smaller mountains. A climb to Mashuk is included in almost any tour of Pyatigorsk.

Mineral water springs of five different kinds were discovered on the slopes of the mountain. Most sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk mainly specialize in sulfur water. There are also the springs of radon and nitrogen water, as well as the water of Yessentuki and Pyatigorsk kind, there.

Most sanatoriums of Pyatigorsk, a radon clinic, and many sights of the city are on the eastern slope of the mountain. On the southern slope of Mashuk is the famous subterranean lake, which can be approached on foot by way of Gagarin Avenue.