The sculpture of eagle on the mountain Goryachaya (Hot) is considered the symbol of not only Pyatigorsk but the entire Mineralnye Vody region. The eagle is at the south-western point of the mountain Goryachaya overlooking the old quarters of Pyatigorsk. 

The first eagle sculpture was installed there in 1901. It was made of alabaster by the sculptor L. K. Shodkin, however, because of frequent restorations, the alabaster eagle was replaced by the bronze one in 1973. Such sculptures are in each town of Mineralnye Vody region, but Pyatigorsk eagle is the oldest of them. 

It is the sculpture of the eagle tormenting the snake, which has bitten it. According to an ancient legend, an eagle was bitten by a poisonous snake, and dying he crawled up to a spring of healing water, drank the water and poured it over its wound. Thanks to that he survived and even could kill the snake. The subject of this ancient legend is quite suitable for Mineralnye Vody region with its springs of healing water.

The mountain Goryachaya can be ascended from the Tsvetnik park by the stairs beginning at the Diana grotto. You should also visit the Chinese pavilion, which is just above the eagle, and then go along the slope of the mountain towards the Academic gallery.