All tourists who come to Izborsk to see the Izborsk fortress will definitely go along Pecherskaya Street, since there is a passage to the fortress in it. You should find time to see the merchant mansions on Pecherskaya Street, as this is also an interesting sight of Izborsk.

Pecherskaya Street was the main street in the Old Izborsk. In a gray wooden house, which belonged to the merchant Shvedov at the beginning of 20 century, there is a museum of merchant life. In several rooms, guest and housekeeping areas, the interior of 19 century house was restored. It is also interesting to walk around the yards to see the barns, stables, warehouses and other buildings where merchants run the house.

The house and the outbuilding of the merchant Anisimov is opposite it. It houses the museum exposition: "Chronicle of the ancient city of Izborsk, from the beginning of Russia to the Battle of Poltava". As is known, Izborsk was one of the oldest cities in Russia, and here you can get acquainted both with the archaeological finds of the Truvor Settlement and with the exhibits showing the development of the city in the Middle Ages.

The Museum of Izborsk is near the house of Anisimov. It is devoted to the culture of local peoples, their everyday life. Also, there you can find out about the Setos who inhabited the land in ancient times. At the museum there are expositions devoted to the weapons of Russian, Teutonic and Polish soldiers.