After you have seen the Izborsk fortress you should go to the Slavonic Springs and then ascend a high hill dominating the Lake Gorodishchenskoye where the the Truvor Settlement is located.

The legend has it the Settlement occupying a high triangular plateau was founded by the variag Truvor. According to the Tale of Bygone Years, Ryurik who was called to reign in Novgorod in 862 came with his two brothers Sineus and Truvor. Sineus settled in Belo Ozero (now of Vologda Oblast), and Truvor established himself in Izborsk. 

And although some historians dispute the actual existence of not only Sineus and Truvor but Ryurik himself, it is believed that the Settlement was founded in 8-9 centuries. However, it could be a settlement of the Kryvychi who lived in that lands. 

In those times the Truvor Settlement was enclosed by a moat and an earth mound surmounted by a wooden palisade. You can still see the remains of these fortifications. Above the Truvor Settlement there remained an ancient cemetery with the crosses of the 15 century. By all means should you come to the grave with the cross taller as a man. As the legend has it, Truvor was buried just in that place.

St. Nicholas church is not far from the main entrance to the Truvor Settlement. It was built on the foundation of the earlier church in the 17 century. It is considered that the church was built on the site of St. Nicholas monastery, which did not survive to our days. The church is in rather good condition and is now a museum.

 From that hill one can have a wonderful view of Pskov landscapes, hilly spaces and the Lake Gorodishchenskoye, which is at the foot of the hill. At a distance one can see the Izborsk fortress and Izborsk itself.