If you go outside the walls of Izborsk fortress by a small passage near the Lukovka tower and go down the western side of the Izboro-Malskaya valley to the Lake Gorodishchenskoye, you can get to the Slavonic Springs, an interesting nature sight of Izborsk. They are also called the Springs of Twelve Apostles for the number of streams flowing down a small slope. 

The Slavonic Springs are already over a thousand years of age. The first authentic record of the Slavonic Springs dates back to the 17 century, when the first geographical description of Russian lands was compiled. It says that «thirty versts to the west of Pskov Izborsk stands on the Slavonic Springs».

The springs gave a very big amount of water, about 4 liters per second. The water drawing was performed on the territory of 3-4 kilometers. In the orthodox tradition they are considered the miracle-making and healing springs. At the foot of the hill all 12 springs join in a single stream called the Life River, which flows into the Lake Gorodishchenskoye. 

Pilgrims from all over Russia come there for the healing water. Each spring has its name: Love, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Strength, etc. But there are no means to tell them apart, so when you take water at any of the springs, you can ask what you want.

The Slavonic Springs did not freeze in winter, the same as the place where the Life River flows into the Lake Gorodishchenskoye. Swans live in that place. The lake water is quite cold even in summer because of the great number of springs in the bottom.