The Noble Assembly is one of the most interesting museums in Kostroma. It is located on Mira Street, not far from Susan Square.  The Romanov Museum is located in the next building. Both museums are part of the Historical, Architectural and Art Museum of Kostroma. Its expositions are located in 6 different buildings.  

The house on the site of the Noble Assembly was built in 1780 by the merchant Durygin. The merchant`s family lived here for about 50 years, but in 1830 he sold it. The city authorities decided to place the Kostroma Noble Assembly there and began the reconstruction of the mansion. So there is appeared a building in the style of classicism, which we see today. It was significantly expanded, as the residential building became a place of receptions and meetings. 

A grand staircase made of wrought iron, made in the 19th century, leads to the second floor of the Noble Assembly. Openwork railings and lace steps look very beautiful. On the second floor there is a circular suite of halls. There is a beautiful White Hall preserved here, which is also called the Ballroom. There is a dining room nearby. Its walls are painted red. After climbing the cast-iron staircase to the second floor, visitors enter a large green hall. 

The interiors of noble and merchant rooms of the 19th century have been recreated in the halls of the Kostroma Noble Assembly Museum. Here you can see women`s dresses and men`s suits of that time. There are many portraits of 19th century artists on the walls. Exhibitions and chamber concerts are regularly held here throughout the time.  

On the third floor you can see an exposition of objects found in the treasure of the Kostroma noble family of the Uglechaninovs. This treasure was found in an English grandfather clock that was in the museum. During the repair of the clock, a silver dinner service was found inside. The cups contained gold jewelry with precious stones. The most valuable are the Beetle brooch and the Snake bracelet. They are made of gold and decorated with precious stones, including diamonds.