Kostroma isn’t only one of the most interesting cities of the Golden Ring, but also a mandatory stop for all cruise ships carrying tourists along the Volga.

Every day huge cruise ships came to the Volga River embankment. From there tourists are taken to the main sights of the city such as the Ipatiev monastery, the Kostroma Sloboda, the Susanin Square and the Epiphany Monastery of St. Anastasia. However, you could get pleasure even from a stroll along the Lower and Upper Embankment of the Volga River.

Not far from the quay you can see the famous Ostrovsky Pavilion. From the hill where it is located you can have a very beautiful view on the Volga so the spot is quite romantic and hence all newlyweds of Kostroma come there.

The Volga Embankment stretches from the Ostrovsky`s Pavilion to the old quay. Alas, so far it isn’t comfortable enough, but all the same you can spend a pleasant time on the bank of the great Russian river.

A lime alley leads from the Ostrovsky`s Pavilion up to the Upper Embankment. Having ascended onto the high bank, you can see a beautiful panorama of the Volga and the historic center of Kostroma. There you can see one of the largest monuments of Vladimir Lenin in Russia. Large statue with upheld arm is on the huge pedestal shaped like an ancient temple.