The Old Royal Palace in the center of the Prague Castle was built in 1135, in the reign of the king Vladislav II. However, to our days there survived only the buildings of the palace erected in 1483. The foundations of 12 century remained only in several places of the palace.

Later, the palace of 15 century originally built in the Romanesque style was repeatedly added on and extended. The palace was the residence of Bohemian princes and kings until Bohemia (today Czechia) was included in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Vladislav’s Hall is the largest secular space in medieval Prague belonging to the most complex structural and architectural spaces of the late Middle Ages. It was designed by the Czech architect Benedikt Rejt in 16 century. The Vladislav’s Hall is 62 meter long and 16 wide. The ceiling height is 13 meters. The ceiling is decorated with beautiful Gothic ribs. The hall was the place of royal ceremonies, as well as banquets of the nobles and even tournaments. A knight on horseback could enter the hall by the so-called Riders’ Staircase. The tradition of conducting ceremonial events in the hall remained to our days. Today the elections of the President of Czechia, as well as meetings of national standing are held there.

Apart from the magnificent Vladislav’s Hall, there are some other beautiful state-rooms and residential spaces of the same period at the Royal Palace such as: the Charles’ Hall, the Column Hall of Václav IV, the Room of Royal Files, the Old Register Office and many other rooms. The ceiling and the walls of the Vestibule and the Green Room are decorated with numerous emblems. The royal throne is in the Assembly Hall.