Golden Line - it is a small but very famous street at the Prague Castle. According to legend, its tiny houses were once inhabited by alchemists who tried to create the philosopher`s stone allowing to turn any metal into gold with the help of mercury and sulfur. 

Actually, the Golden Lane is the only remaining street with small self-built medieval houses within the Prague Castle. Gradually the territory of the Prague Castle was cleared for magnificent cathedrals and royal palaces but the street was inhabited by gate guards, so it remained intact. 

And in 19 century, when the gate of the Prague Castle was no longer guarded, famous people settled in some houses of the Golden Lane. Particularly, a well-known writer Franz Kafka lived in the house # 22 for several years.

Now the atmosphere of a medieval town was restored in various houses of the Golden Lane. There one can see the interiors of the dwellings of a healer, jeweller, seamstress, military man. One can also visit an ancient tavern. The street entry is paid. One can have a walk along this curious street free of charge only after 18 and on days off.