The Romanesque facade of St. George Basilica is near the altar side (sanctuary) of St. Vitus Cathedral. The facade was built in 17 century but the basilica is valuable for its well-preserved interiors of 12 century.

St. George Basilica was founded by Prince Vratislav I in 920. Later a Benedictine monastery was added to it. The monastery survived to our days. The monastery houses the collection of Czech graphic arts of the National Gallery. 

In the central nave of the basilica there remained the masonwork of 10-11 centuries, and the wall paintings featuring New Jerusalem, which were created in 13 century. The painting of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary dates back to 16 century. The statue of St. Brigid is in the crypt of 12 century. And in the Chapel of Lyudmila one can see the shrine of this saint.

Up to 14 century, when St. Vitus Cathedral was built, St. George Basilica was the main Christian temple of Prague containing the burial vault of the Przhemyslovichi royal dynasty.