The estate Petrovskoye is on the northern shore of Lake Kuchane while the estate Mikhaylovskoye is on its southern shore. The Gannibals, the relatives of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, lived at Petrovskoye. Now it is a museum estate. Empress Elizabeth gave these lands to Abram Gannibal in 1742. 

At first he began to develop an estate at Petrovskoye, but later moved to Mikhaylovskoye. After his death Mikhaylovskoye went to the grandfather of Pushkin Osip Gannibal. Petrovskoye went to his brother, who was a grand-uncle of the great Russian poet. He lived at Petrovskoye without a break from 1782 through 1819. 

Pushkin often met Pyotr Gannibal when he was on a visit at Petrovskoye. Now you can see the manorial house of Pyotr Gannibal at Petrovskoye. To the right of it there was restored a small house where Abram Gannibal used to live when he only began to create there his estate.

There is a splendid regular park at Petrovskoye. The park of 9 hectares was created in 1786. A big lime alley runs from the manorial house of Pyotr Gannibal to Lake Kuchane. A grotto-pavilion is at the end of the alley. Nearly all park is planted with lime-trees. The «Green Study» and the «Green Hall» are among these giant trees.