The village of Bugrovo is located in the middle between the Mikhailovsky estate, Svyatogorsky monastery and  рщддащке Savkina Gorka. In Pushkin`s time, there was a small village located on the shore of the lake near the local mill.

In Burgoo is a literary-ethnographic Museum "Pskov village." The mill on the shore of lake Bugrov has existed since 1761, and it belonged to the Svyatogorsky monastery. Pushkin described it in his several poems. When Alexander Pushkin was in Mikhailovskoe during his exile liked to visit here to communicate with the peasants.

There were only two yards in Bugrovo during Pushkin`s time. It was recreated in the Museum "Pskov village" - peasant farmsteads, as well as a mill with a Miller`s house and outbuildings. This museum can visited with guided tour. In Bugrovo there is also a Dovlatov Museum dedicated to the times when he worked as a guide in the Pushkin Hills.

Peasant estates in Pskov lands called trehryadki, because they consisted of three buildings connected to each other. The house was divided into two parts. One was drowned in black, and the other in white. Next to it was a farmyard where all sorts of utensils were stored and cattle were kept. The roofs of the houses were covered with straw, which was covered with earth for fire safety.