The Voronich hillfort is near Trigorskoye village. It is a very high hill of regular square shape at the confluence of the rivers Voronets and Sorot. Now, the Priest House (1830) and St. George Church are on the hillfort, and in 15 century a strong fortress was there.

For the first time, a fortress on top of the hill called Voronich is mentioned in the Pskov Chronicles of 1349. It defended Pskov from the south, where the roads to Poland and Lithuania passed. The fortress was surrounded by wooden walls with four towers. A very large settlement Voronich was around the fortress. It numbered more than 2 thousand residents (over 400 households).

During the Livonian War of 16 century these lands including the fortress on the Voronich hillfort and the monastery on Savkina Gorka, were plundered by the troops of the Polish Prince Stephen Bathory. In 17 century the borders of Russia were pushed far to the west, and there was no need to restore the fortress. The people who left the settlement Voronich also did not return there, and in 18 century these lands were given to the two noblemen, Abram Gannibal, Pushkin`s great-grandfather, and the landowner Vyndomsky. now it is interesting sight in Pushkin Hills.