In 2010 at the center of Konstantinovo, not far from the native house of Yesenin, there was restored the house of the parish priest John (Ivan) Smirnov. For a long time the house was the center of the cultural life of the village. It was Smirnov who had seen the talent of Yesenin and sent him to continue the education at the school of Spas-Klepiki.

The Father John had served in Konstantinovo for 40 years. He married the parents of Yesenin, baptized Sergey himself and his brothers and sisters. One room houses the exposition «Poet and Shepherd» devoted to the early days of Yesenin when he often came to the house of John (Ivan) Smirnov. The priest had a good library, which was used by the poet. There Yesenin got acquainted with the relatives and friends of the Father John. He maintained good relations with them for many years.

There are many authentic things at the museum-house of the Father John. Near the icon corner is a curious collection of Easter eggs and greeting cards. There you can also see the musical instruments and costumes of that days.