Apart from the historic and artistic value, for those who love the works of Yesenin, village Konstantinovo is a nature reserve, where one can see and feel the beauty of the nature of Central Russia.

You should go to the bank of the river Oka at the very beginning of your visit to Konstantinovo. There you can see a stage for various events, and a giant photo of Yesenin taken in 1922, when he was 27. 

From the stage you can go to the viewing point near the stair commanding the most beautiful view of the Oka. The bank at the foot of the viewing point is all big and small hills and ravines, making it very picturesque. It is especially beautiful there in June, when the hills are covered by the flowers of different colors.

You should descend the stair to the river, and have a walk along the bank, come to the landing for various excursion boats. You can sail to Konstantinovo by ship from Moscow or Ryazan. Then you should ascend the stair again and turn to the right. There you can see the house with mezzanine where lived Lydia Ivanovna Kashina, the last owner of Konstantinovo. Today the house is occupied by the «Anna Snegina» poem museum.

From the house of Kashina you can go along the bank to the Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan. On the edge of the high bank is a small chapel. It is from that place that you can have a wonderful view on the bend of the Oka, where the hills and gullies look even more picturesque. The place at the bend of the river is called the Makarov Ugol (Macarius` Corner). Even today the lovers like this place under the big birch on the very edge of the high bank very much.