Opposite the house of Yesenin is the building of the zemsky school where went both Sergey Yesenin and his father. Now it houses the museum classroom where Yesenin had his lessons in 1904-1909.

The zemsky school was opened in Konstantinovo in 1879, when the local landowner Kupriyanov and the peasants submitted the appropriate application. Many peasants began to go to school, including Alexander Yesenin, the father of the future poet.

Sergey Yesenin entered the first class at the age of 9 in 1904. Unfortunately, the same school Yesenin went to didn’t survive but its building was rather accurately restored in 1994. The building has two rooms. One room houses an exposition on the zemsky schools of Ryazan province, and on the system of elementary education in Russia at the turn of the 20 century as a whole.

In the other room there was rather accurately reconstructed the interior of the classroom of the time of Yesenin. On the wall there hang the icon of Our Lady and the portraits of the Emperor Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. The classroom has two rows of desks, a blackboard, and a floor counting frame. It will be interesting to look at the textbooks with the Church Slavonic and Old Russian alphabet.