Ruskeala waterfalls in Karelia

On the way back from the Ruskeala Marble Canyon you should stop at the Ruskeala waterfalls on the river Tokhmayoki. They are just on the way, so this stop will be both convenient and very interesting. Here you can see beauty of Karelia nature. 

The Tokhmayoki river flows from the Lake Ruokoyarvi near the Finnish border and falls into Ladoga Lake. It is full-flowing in spring and at the beginning of summer. It is then that the river may be interesting for those who love rafting. At first they pass simple rapids and small waterfalls and then come to the Ruskeala waterfalls. By August the stream of water is decreased and waterfalls are no longer suitable for rafting.

Ruskeala cascade comprises 4 waterfalls with the average height of 3-4 meters. The most beautiful waterfall is called Ahven koski, which means «perch rapid» in Finnish. The tour guides usually mention that the Soviet film «The Dawns Here are Quiet» was shot there in 1972.

There is a parking lot and walking paths near the Ruskeala waterfalls. There you may have a rest, and the walking paths go through very picturesque places among low rocks and boulders.

On the river Tokhmayoki there was another even higher Ryumya koski waterfall on the opposite side of the road. You could get to it only on foot, but in the middle of 2012 the old Finnish hydroelectric power station was restored on the waterfall, and now the waterfall access is restricted.