Village of Mandrogi in Karelia

The "Magic village of Mandrogi", as it is called in official guidebooks, is located on the banks of the Svir River among the Karelian forests. It is a popular stopover for cruise ships following the route along Lake Ladoga to the Solovetsky Islands

The village of Mandrogi is located 270 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The nearest city is Lodeynoye Pole. The Alexander-Svirsky Monastery is located 50 kilometers away. Guests who stay in hotel cottages for several days come to Mandrogi by car. 

The absolute majority of visitors arrive in Mandrogi by ship. Sometimes up to 10 cruise ships are moored here a day, more than a thousand people walk around the village at the same time. A large theme park has been built for tourists. Here you can see the 19th-century Village, as well as new pavilions. 

"Village of the 19th century" is a museum of wooden architecture, similar to Vitoslavlitsy in Veliky Novgorod or Kizhi on Lake Onega, but on a smaller scale. Here you can see original houses brought from remote villages of the Russian north. The age of these houses is more than a hundred years. The oldest house is more than 200 years old. They have been restored and now various craft workshops have been created there. The tourists can participate in master classes or buy souvenirs. 

The village of the 19th century is located on a peninsula formed by the Svir River and the Petkelev Stream. However, this "stream" is a full-fledged river with a width of several dozen meters. You can cross the stream on a small ferry. On the opposite shore there is a Fairy Tale Trail "Lukomorye", as well as a mini-zoo. The trail of Fairy Tales is based on the poem by A. Pushkin "Ruslan and Lyudmila". 

The new pavilions are located near the pier on the Svir River. They are built in the Russian tent style. The bright decor of these pavilions is really surprising. Here you can visit the Vodka Museum and the Exhibition of Nesting Dolls. There is also a restaurant, a cafe, and many other pavilions where various corporate events. 

Visitors who come to Mandrogi for a few days can stay in houses located in different parts of the park. Four cottages are original houses of the 19th century. Visitors can take a Russian steam bath, ride horses, take spa treatments, play various sports games.