Sveti Stefan (Saint Stefan) is rightly considered as the most fashionable resort in Montenegro as there located the only islet and hotel of the same name (Sveti Stefan) in the Adriatic.

Sveti Stefan has very characteristic buildings for the coast of former Yugoslavia – two-storey limestone buildings with tile roofs around the coast of the islet. In this respect it is like the Croatian cities Korčula and Rovinj, but unlike these rather big cities, Sveti Stefan (so it is called in Montenegro) was built on an islet. Buildings occupy the entire islet and look very picturesque.

The first buildings appeared on Sveti Stefan in 15 century, then there was founded a small town, and in 1957 the government of Yugoslavia decided to convert it to a hotel town. Today this hotel has «deluxe» rating. Totally, the islet, which is now connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, has over a hundred suites in two- and one-storey buildings.

Almost all tourist guides mention the villa 118 at Sveti Stefan Hotel. It is there that celebrities from all over the world stayed in different time. We see no sense in enumerating them all – it is over a hundred world`s famous names. But it must be noted that there you can often see such guests as the English queen Elizabeth II, the Dutch queen, and the former king of Spain Umberto.

If can`t afford to stay at Sveti Stefan Hotel, for the last decade there has been developed a kind of a resort area just opposite the islet with offers for any taste and budget from expensive hotels to private houses, where you can rent a room. The only disadvantage of this resort area is a quite steep upward incline. You should take in into account, when you plan to come to Sveti Stefano with your children. You should ask at what «height» the hotel is located when booking a room.

To the north of Sveti Stefan islet there is a beautiful pine park and a small promenade. Every day tour boats from Budva come to a beach at Sveti Stefan, so if you want to get browned on this beach, you don’t have to stay there, you can simply come there from Budva every day. The beach at Sveti Stefan is perhaps is the best one on the entire coast of Montenegro.