Tchaikovsky house Museum in Klin

The Tchaikovsky house Museum in Klin (Moscow region) is the oldest memorial music Museum in Russia. Russian composer Tchaikovsky lived here for the last year and a half of his life. Here he wrote many of his works, recognized as masterpieces of world classical music.

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky is the greatest Russian composer. His name is on a par with Mozart, Beethoven and other world`s most famous composers. His creative heritage is very significant and is represented in various musical genres: 10 operas, 3 ballets, 7 symphonies and hundreds of small works.

Tchaikovsky settled in the vicinity of Klin in 1885, already a well-known composer. He often had to visit both capitals, so he settled in a small city between Moscow and St. Petersburg. At first, he rented a house in the village of Maidanovo, but due to the large number of summer residents, he was forced to move to the Panin’s estate in the village of Frolovskoye. In one of his letters he wrote: "What a charming for me Russian village, Russian landscape and the silence, which I need most of all."

Today, the Tchaikovsky Museum is open in Maidanovo, and a beautiful manor Park has been preserved. The Frolovskoe estate has not been preserved, but you can take a walk in the Park, which enjoyed Tchaikovsky.

On September 25, 1893, he rented a spacious house in Klin from judge V. Sakharov. In a letter to his brother Anatoly Ilyich, he wrote: "I have hired a house in Klin for future housing. I don`t know if you remember, this is Sakharov`s house, big and comfortable, on the highway towards Moscow, already outside the town… I need, I feel, to have a place in the country or, what is the same, in Klin, in order to know if I know – and a quiet corner for work is always ready for me. In addition, the habit of the Klin plays a big role here. The view from the house is wonderful, and the garden is quite sufficient.”

After the composer died on October 25, 1893, this house in Klin, on the initiative of his brother Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky, was turned into a Museum within a year. It accepted its first visitors on December 9, 1894. The composer`s brother, Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky, was the director of the Klin’s Museum from its creation in 1894 until his death in 1916. Thanks to his efforts, all the furniture of the house, personal belongings and the archive of Tchaikovsky were preserved intact. After the nationalization of the Museum under the Soviet power in 1918, the Museum actively developed, collected letters and sheet music, recorded the memoirs of contemporaries.

Now in the estate of Tchaikovsky in Klin, you can see the memorial house, where all the furniture is arranged as during the life of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. There is a small but cozy Park near Tchaikovsky house with alleys among lime trees and oaks. Nearby you need to visit the building of the Tchaikovsky Museum. Here you can get acquainted with the life and work of the great Russian composer, see his photos, manuscripts and various exhibits.