Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum

The Temple of Saturn is in the oldest part of the Roman Forum, at the foot of the Capitoline hill. It is considered that the temple was built in 489 B.C. However, the altar dedicated to Saturn was in this place nearly since the time of the foundation of Rome.

As is known, Saturn, deity of agriculture, was one of the most worshiped gods in Italy. According to legend, in a ship Saturn went along the Tiber to the Janiculum (one of seven hills that Rome was founded on) where he was friendly treated by Janus and then built a shelter for himself on the other bank of the river, at the foot of the Capitoline hill, which was formerly known as the hill of Saturn.

In the times of the Roman Republic the Temple of Saturn was often burnt. In 42 B.C. the temple was rebuilt and in 283 A.D. it was restored. To our days there survived 8 tall columns of Ionic order and large fragments of foundation and brick masonry of walls.