The single-span triumphal arch of Titus was erected on the Via Sacra at the entrance of the Roman Forum. It is the oldest arch in the ancient Rome.

The Arch of Titus was built in 82 A.D. by the order of Domitianus, blood brother of Titus. He became emperor a year after the death of Titus. Originally, the arch was built from marble. In the Middle Ages the Arch of Titus was included in the defensive wall, and in 1821 the arch was again restored, this time not in marble but in travertine. The height of the arch is 15 meters and its width is 13 meters. The arch is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting a procession of legionaries with plentiful kill got after the subjugation of Jerusalem.

In 66 A.D. an uprising against the rule of Rome began in Galilee (today Israel). Vespasian headed the legions sent to suppress the uprising. However, after the assassination of Nero in 68 A.D. the civil war began in Rome. And Vespasian, having secured the support of legionaries, was declared emperor and went to Rome.

In 70 A.D. Titus took command over the Roman troops. And it was just him who subjugated Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple. After his return to Rome Titus was honored with triumph. And after his father Vespasian died on July 24, 79, Titus became emperor. Titus ruled over Rome for only 2.5 years but the Romans still loved him so much that they began to call him a «perfect ruler».

The Arch of Titus was the first such structure in the ancient Rome. And it was then used as a model for all the other triumphal arches all over the world. A lot of similar arches appeared in European countries in the period of Napoleonic wars at the beginning of 19 century.