The walls and towers of the Astrakhan Kremlin are at least as important sights as the Assumption cathedral or the Prechistenskaya bell tower. The fortifications of Astrakhan are inferior only to those of Moscow and Smolensk.

The wooden fortress, which was built just after Astrakhan was included in Russia, could not be a reliable defensive post, so after the Russian fought off a Turkish attack against Astrakhan in 1569, it was decided to surround the city by stone walls and towers.

The construction was started in 1580 and was supervised by such fortification specialists as Velyaminov, Ovtsin and Dey Gubasty. Plinthiform brick from all cities of the former Astrakhan Khanate was widely used in the construction. The teeth of the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin have the same shape as those of the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. The stone walls and towers of the Astrakhan Kremlin had been built for 40 years.

It has two gates. The Prechistenskaya bell tower is above the main gate of the Kremlin. You can ascend on the bell tower. Coming from the Volga you can enter the Kremlin through the gate of St. Nicholas tower housing the church of the same name. The exposition devoted to the Astrakhan garrison is in the «Red Gate» tower. From the south the Kremlin is defended by the Crimean, Zytnaya and Archbishop towers.