In 1576 some lands of the Astrakhan Kremlin were given to the Trinity monastery and in 1603 the stone Trinity Cathedral was built there. It is the oldest building in Astrakhan, which survived to our days. The Assumption Cathedral was built later.

In 1623 a big fire happened at the Kremlin. As a result, the Trinity Cathedral was severely damaged but the cathedral was quickly restored and since that time it remained intact to our days.

From 1700 through 1764 the Trinity monastery was under the authority of the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra and then under the authority of Prikaz of Public Assistance. By 19 century the monastery actually ceased its existence and his buildings were dismantled excepting the Trinity Cathedral.

Today the cathedral is a complex architectural complex of three churches: the Trinity Church, the Church of the Meeting of the Lord and the Church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary and two refectories. The Chapel of St. Cyril is near the cathedral. In 1576 the founder of the Trinity monastery, the locally venerated saint hegumen Cyril, was buried there. In 1677 the wooden chapel got dilapidated and was replaced by a new one, which survived to our days.