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Trinity gate Church in Kievo-Pechersk Lavra photo

The Trinity gate Church is built over the Holy Gates, which are the main entrance to the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In 1699, the mosaic icon of the Mother of God was moved to the facade of the Church, which has been located over the Golden gate of Kiev since the 11th century.

Trinity gate Church was built in 1106 on the donations of Chernihiv Prince Svyatoslav Davidovich. He renounced his title and became a monk of the Pechersk monastery under the name of Nicholas Svyatosh. In the 17th century, the Church was reconstructed in the Ukrainian Baroque style, but in General, we still have an architectural monument of the 12th century.

You should go inside the Church to see the carved gilded iconostasis. It was made of Linden in 1734 by Lavra masters using the technique of through wood carving. Above the iconostasis hangs a church chandelier, made in 1724. Its weight is 664 kg.

Artistic value also have the frescoes made by Lavra masters in the 18th century. The frescoes depict various subjects of the development of the Church from the sermons of Jesus Christ to the Ecumenical councils, when Christianity was established as the state religion.