Great Britain is one of the most developed countries of Europe, and its standards of living are one of the highest in the world. And though there are enough countries which are more well-to-do (for example, as to GDP per capita) you could hardly find any other country which would have been so interesting to live in.

For a long time London has been considered the capital of the world and British Empire – its center. Sometime Great Britain ruled over such countries as USA, Canada, India, RSA, Egypt and many other now independent countries. Now this great empire is no longer existent but its spirit is still remained. Everything that is required for business and recreation is of the highest quality there. That’s why Great Britain is so attractive for tourists. Surely, it has almost no conditions for beach vacations, but everyone can find something to its taste in the country.

It takes two or three days to visit the sights of London: Westminster Palace with its famous Big Ben, as well as Westminster Abbey, various royal palaces, St. Paul Cathedral, Tower, Trafalgar Square and many other interesting sites. However, historical sites aren’t the primary tourist attraction of the city. You must «have a good time» there.

Those who are fond of the Middle Ages just must visit Great Britain. There have been built a great number of castles in that period, most of which have survived until our time. And they are particularly representative of the period as many continental castles were built in later periods. That’s why the main tourist attraction of this country isn’t the large industrial centers but small cities still preserving the «spirit of Old England», such as Edinburgh, Oxford and Durham.

Those who are fond of the beauties of northern landscapes could make a trip to highlands of Scotland. It has a very severe climate with all its valleys, lakes and mountains. Also, you could visit such natural sites as Giants` Causeway in Northern Ireland, white cliffs of Dover, lake country of Wales.