Unter den Linden boulevard in Berlin

Nearly all guests of Berlin have ever been to this boulevard, as it stretches along the most beautiful sights of the city, and the boulevard itself is also very beautiful. It is often called the «shop window of Berlin».

Unter den Linden begins at the Museum Island and ends at the Paris Square near the Brandenburg Gate. Museum Island is a tourist center of Berlin. Well-known museums and the Berliner Dom are located in the Museum Island. Quite near it is the Alexanderplatz. On the other end of the Unter den Linden are the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. So, tourists just could not detour the boulevard, and there is no need in it as Unter den Linden is really beautiful.

The boulevard was created in the 17 century by the Prince Elector Frederick William, but it reached its splendour only under the king Frederick the Great. Lindens or lime trees were planted all along the boulevard, and hence its name. «Unter den Linden» means «under the lindens» in English.

At the Museum Island Unter den Linden begins from the Palace Bridge. In 1818 on it there were installed 8 sculptures of Roman gods from white Carrara marble. They sharply contrasted with the other buildings of Berlin, which traditionally were of black color.

Further on the boulevard you can see a large monument to the king Frederick the Great. A small colonnade of the building called the Neue Wache (or New Guardhouse). Now at the Neue Wache you can see the sculpture «Mother with her Dead Son». It is a memorial to the victims of Nazism.

On the opposite side of the Under den Linden are the Arsenal building (the oldest building in the boulevard), the Crown Prince palace, Opera House, and the Royal Library.