Zakharovo estate in Moscow region

The early childhood of a great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin passed in the small estate Zakharovo, to the south of Zvenigorod. There one can visit the manorial house, as well as have a walk over the alleys of a small park.

Pushkin was born in Moscow, in the German Quarter, on May 26, 1799. His father was Major Sergey Lvovich Pushkin from the ancient family of Nizhniy Novgorod nobility. The mother of Pushkin, Nadezhda Osipovna Gannibal, belonged to the family founded by the «Negro of Peter the Great», Abram Petrovich Gannibal, the son of a prince from Ethiopia.

All his childhood, to his departure to the lyceum, Pushkin spent in the estate Zakharovo, which was owned by his grandmother, Maria Alexeyevna Gannibal, from 1804. At the entrance to the estate, in the apple garden, one can see the monument of Alexander Pushkin as a boy with his grandmother. His early childhood Pushkin described in his late verses and poems: «The Monk» (1813), «Bova» (1814), «The Message to Yudin» (1815), «The Dream» (1816).

It should be noted that the museum isn’t in the original house where the little Pushkin lived as it was ruined during the war. However, the atmosphere of his childhood was restored with maximum precision in this small house. 

In the park one can see the pond, which was glorified by Pushkin. It is also planned to restore the brook, which was mentioned in his verses. At the entrance to the estate there remained a birch grove where Pushkin would walk, as well as an apple garden.